correspondence analysis
corres.fnccorrespondence analysis
corsup.fncsupplementary data
vocabulary richness
compare.richness.fncfor two texts, compare richness
growth.fncempirical vocabulary growth data for text growth2vgc conversion to vgc object of zipfR
spectrum.fnccreates frequency spectrum
text2spc.fncconversion to spc object of zipfR
lmer functions (p-values for mixed-effects models with lme4)
pvals.fncp-values for table of coefficients including MCMC
aovlmer.fncp-values for anova tables and/or MCMC p-value for specified factor
simulation functions (for comparing mixed models with traditional techniques including F1, F2,and F1+F2)
simulateRegression.fncsimulate simple regression design
simulateQuasif.fncsimulate data for Quasi-F ratios
simulateLatinsquare.fncsimulating simple Latin-square design
miscellaneous (convenience functions)
pairscor.fncscatterplot matrix with correlation tests
collin.fnccollinearity diagnostics
pvals.fncp-values and MCMC confidence intervals for mixed models visualization for logistic models
xylowess.fnctrellis scatterplots with smoother
mvrnormplot.fncscatterplot for bivariate standard normal random numbers with regression line
lmerPlotInt?.fncoffers choice of four ways to visualize an interaction between two numeric predictors in an lmer model
acf.fncAutocorrelation trellis grap
addMCMCci.fncAdd MCMC confidence intervals
affixProductivityAffix productivit

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