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イメージグラフの数値読み取り(Digitizing of Image Graph)

Grab It! (Commercial,Win)

UN-SCAN-IT (Commercial,Win)
Find Graph (Commercial,Win)
Digitizer for Origin 6.0 and 6.1 (Free,Win)(2003-3-25)
Required Software
Getgraph (Share,Win)(2008-3-26)
Graphcel (Free,Win)(2003-4-6)
Graphin (Free,Win)(2001-12-29)
Imagetograph32 for Windows (Share,Win)(2008-10-13)
Dizitizer (Free,Win) (2004-11-20)
グラフスキャナ (Free,Win) (2004-2-2)
Graphsqueeze (Free,MAC-OS)(1993-11-26)
Data Thief III (Share,Win)(2005-9-29)
Graph Digitizer Scout (Share,Win)(2007-1-30)
Graphclick (Share,MAC-OSX)(2008-5-25)
GetPointX (Share,MAC-OSX)(2007-9-9)
Plotdigitizer (Free,MAC-OSX)(2003-4-10)
グラフ数値読取システム GSYS (Graph Digitizing System) (Free,JAVA)(2006/12/31)
画像グラフ読取表示システム SyGRD (Graph Digitizing System) (Free,Win)(2002/06/17)
必要プログラム(Required Software)
Scion Image for Windows
NIH Image
Engauge Digitizer (GPL,Win Linux MAC-OSX)(2007-04-10)
DiGno (GPL,Win)(2006-01-17)
Plot Digitizer (GPL/LGPL,Win Linux MAC-OSX)(2004-6-25)
DigitizeIt(Share,Win Linux Solaris MAC-OSX)(2006-11-12)(Java)
xyExtract Graph Digitizer(Share,Win)(2008-10-22)
SimpleDigitizer (Free,Win)(2009-6-7,2006/08/11)

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