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TCPDFは、PDFファイルを外部プログラムを使用せずに直接動的に生成するオープンソースなPHPクラスです。 TC PDFは オリバー プラシー(Oliver Plathey)によりFPDFを拡張進化させたものです。 TCPDFを入手したり、サポートを得るには TCPDFプロジェクトページを見てください。


  • supports all ISO page formats;
  • supports UTF-8 Unicode;
  • includes methods to publish some xhtml code, supporting the following elements: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, b, u, i, a, img, p, br, strong, em, font, blockquote, li, ul, ol, hr, td, th, tr, table, sup, sub, small;
  • includes a method to print various barcode formats using an improved version of "Generic Barcode Render Class" by Karim Mribti ( (require GD library:
  • supports TrueTypeUnicode?, TrueType?, Type1 and encoding;
  • supports custom page formats, margins and units of measure;
  • includes methods for page header and footer management;
  • supports automatic page break;
  • supports automatic page numbering;
  • supports automatic line break and text justification;
  • supports JPEG and PNG images;
  • supports colors;
  • supports links;
  • support page compression (require zlib extension:;
  • the source code is full documented in PhpDocumentor? Style (


  1. download TCPDF from SourceForge?;
  2. copy the folder on your Web server;
  3. set your installation path on the config/tcpdf_config.php;
  4. call the test_unicode.php page with your browser to see an example.

(Translated by Merlin)

Documentation and examples are included on the distribution.

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